Making a quilt for my daughter

This week I’ve been working on a quilt for baby girl, whose arrival is now in less than a month!! Unless she decides to come late. But for me, this means the pressure is on, and really all I can think about is everything I want to do before she is here. So I’m glad to have this creative outlet, even if it is part of my baby to-do list.

Something I like about quilting is how forgiving it is. Of course I know people who are incredible at quilting, and their quilts are almost flawless. Mine are less so. I am not very practiced, and every so often I’ll find a wonky square. But when you look at the big picture, the imperfections get lost.

Since I want to finish this quilt before baby arrives, I have to just keep going and trust the process. I called my mom in a panic the other day because I was having trouble lining up the rows, and she reminded me that it’s all part of learning.

I think it’s good to have creative outlets besides my writing for this very reason. Doing difficult things and completing them despite setbacks is a good skill to transfer to my work as a writer. Sometimes writing comes so naturally that I forget that a project might still be difficult or stump me from time to time. It’s good to be practiced at pushing through anyway.

Which is kind of what I’m doing today. I had a post planned and partially drafted, but yesterday I had a fever and couldn’t finish it. This morning I feel a little better but I think God is telling me to get some rest. So here I am, sending a newsletter about my baby’s quilt because it’s all I have energy to think about. Probably because I’m “nesting” and my whole world revolves around my babies right now.

What are some creative hobbies you have that teach you something about your main creative interests?

Let me know in the comments!


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