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On Frugal Living

Last night I had a steak dinner. In my quiet, tiny kitchen, the red meat sizzled in a cast iron pan while au gratin potatoes bubbled in the oven. I couldn’t help imagining the scene that would unfold. I would serve it with steamed veggies, and my husband and I would enjoy the rest of a decadent cheesecake for dessert. My son would beg for bites of the delicious, velvety goodness. I hummed to myself while I cooked, the smells of my cooking tantalizing my senses, feeling my daughter bounce around in my belly after I took a cold drink of water. I felt very fancy. And as I stood in my kitchen taking stock of it all, I did something I usually do while I waited for the heat and the stove to do their jobs. I calculated how much the meal cost me. Au gratin potatoes— one dollar. I bought a box at Aldi. I forgot to buy butter so I didn’t even technically make them correctly, but they tasted great. Steamed veggies— another dollar. A frozen California medley from, yes, Aldi. The steak? Vacuum seal

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