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Turning toward scripture for comfort in motherhood

When my son was born, I remember feeling like I had just been born as well. Everything felt new. The great big swell of love I felt for my son eclipsed many of the things that had been major focuses of my life. And on a literal physical level, my body was different, and is always going to be different. Suddenly I had the capacity to feed a tiny human being. Suddenly I knew that I could and would do anything to protect my son, and my brain was constantly walking through every possible scenario. The answer to each of them was "yes, I would do that for him," or "it's a lot of bad guys, but maybe I should become a ninja master just in case I ever need it." And then there was the overwhelming LOVE I felt for my son. My husband would laugh at me because I'd be holding our son and crying about how he was going to get old some day.  So, along with all of these very real changes in me , I was also trying to learn how to care for a new baby. He was cute, cried more th

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