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How I lost my laughter

I am a big fan of laughter. You can catch me watching comedy specials, telling goofy jokes, making funny faces for my nieces and nephews. I love the feeling of throwing my head back in a riotous laugh, forgetting for a moment to worry that there might be something in my teeth or that someone may think I am a bit too much. In all my love of silliness, I am also a very serious person. You may be able to tell from the way I write. As much as I am prone to exuberant joy, I also am prone to rumination on my innermost thoughts. When I was younger, the sweet innocence of youth helped me keep a very good balance between the two. I wrote on my blog—Julia’s Quill (which has now been archived)—about nature and art and God, and it was all very serious and contemplative. Navigate a few webpages away, and you’d find Facebook posts that consisted of one liners, inside jokes with my high school friends, and Lord of the Rings memes. Perfectly balanced. It was the same way in real life of course. I’m no

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