A poem for my daughter

October is gone and with it a lot of the warmth. The fall air is crisper and the wind a bit chillier, but I am keeping my house cozy and warm with expectation. Being pregnant in the fall is so cozy. I can slow down and snuggle my son, and just in time for spring we will be welcoming our baby girl!

Today’s prompt on Writer’s Digest’s November Poem a Day Challenge was to choose a childhood object and incorporate it into a poem. I thought it fitting to write my poem about my daydreams about having a daughter, as my mind is full of them. Here’s my poem:
"For my daughter"

A dollhouse from my childhood
waits, collecting dust,
Its rooms furnished
and ready to welcome 
your tiny hands 
and fresh imaginings. 

I open the curtains in your room.
I sweep the dust away,
imagine you sleeping and dreaming,
so soft and precious to hold.
My hands have prepared for this,
Trimming the miniature home,
with wallpaper and handmade decorations,
Filling it with dolls and furniture.

Now I do the same, but the windows 
look out to a cottonwood tree, 
The trim is a hundred years old, 
walls cracked with the weight of age, and
we are but passers-through, and you,
my darling daughter will soon 
Brighten up the room I am preparing.

It is hard to imagine what a daughter will be like compared to my son. I am looking forward to meeting her, and for my son to be the best big brother ever. Now, if you’ll excuse me, I’ve got a million decor ideas and reckless confidence that I can pull off my entire to-do list before this baby arrives…now with a little bit more pink and florals mixed in ;)


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