Demonetize: A poem about creativity

I’ve been thinking a lot about why I create. The oldest most constant reason has been that I cannot help myself. But lately as I’ve grown older, more responsible, have home projects I want to fund… the idea of monetizing my craft feels more and more appealing. There is nothing wrong with wanting my craft to bring in a little extra cash, but I never want it to become more important than the real reason I write: because God blessed me with an affinity for words.

Truly, writing has been a blessing to me throughout my life. Many words I’ve penned and never shared have helped me deepen my relationship with Christ.

And on a less serious note, writing sparks my imagination and almost feels like magic. So, in this poem I am embracing my inner Wizard of Words, shedding blue light for candlelight, and letting go of the need to turn my writing into cash.


Let me turn my poem into money. 
A kind of modern alchemy, 
A kind of instant time travel 
Into the current era. 
It is An ancient practice— 
Pen and paper, ink 
And hands whose creases 
Smudge the grey or blue 
Across the page. 
Let my words Digitize, 
becoming pixel dust 
And remaining forever out of reach, 
Let me watch the numbers 
Climb as I monitor my bank account 
From my couch, let 
My poems let me live. 

On second thought, 
Pixelation feels too distant. 
My hands feel useless now, 
Fingers beg for gold coins, 
Not cash transfers. 
So I moved my poems 
back in time this week, 
from blinding screen 
to parchment under candlelight, 
I stole a feather from a bird 
And pigment from indigo, 
Carved my name on a tree 
while I was at it.


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