In Anticipation of Hobbit Day

Tomorrow is Hobbit Day! For those of you who are not acquainted with the lore of our beloved shorties Frodo and Bilbo Baggins- Hobbit Day is a yearly holiday celebrating these two birthday buddies. Both were born on September 22. Both know how to party, and one of them saved Middle Earth. (Please read or watch Lord of the Rings if you are still lost)

But this day holds a slightly deeper, warm and cozy kind of joy for me. You see, I too was born on Hobbit Day. On my eighteenth birthday we decided to celebrate in style with a Hobbit FEAST. Cake, strawberries and cream, bread, mushrooms, roasted meat, cheese, ale (ginger), etc…a delightful spread. So delightful that we asked ourselves why we hadn’t done it before, and vowed to make it an annual tradition. We haven’t missed one since.

Three years ago my now-husband and I were chatting at a Labor Day cookout with friends. I mentioned my birthday because I always look forward to hobbit day. My husband said his was also September 22. Was it fate? A few weeks later we danced the night away at a Hobbit Day themed dance with those same friends, and began to date just a week later. Nine months after that, we got married. A year later, we had our son!

This year will be my husband’s and my third hobbit feast since getting married. It will be Byron’s second, but he will actually get to enjoy all the food this time. It’s pretty special sharing a birthday with my hubby, but the fact that we also share it with the Baggins Boys makes it even more fun!

Photo by Adrien Aletti on Unsplash

We will host our cozy gathering in our own dining room. I’ve spent a fair bit of time and energy making the room a place I enjoy hosting (despite the horrible red walls that my husband loves for some reason). Our home is the closest thing to a Hobbit hole we have, and with all the food and family it might be my favorite occasion of the year. All we are missing is a wizard, some fireworks, and an uncle to give a cryptic speech before disappearing.

Bilbo knew how to tell a great story. I think it’s easy as we get older to lose the ability to let things capture our imagination. When I was a child, stories fueled me. I could get lost in the wonder of what it could be like to live in a place like the Shire or Rivendell. As an adult I struggle to get lost in a book anymore. My mind wants to tug me away to present cares and worries. Celebrations like Hobbit Day allow me to embrace that child-like excitement. I am so grateful that I have friends and family who get as excited as I do for this Not-So-Unexpected Party. And I can’t wait to pass on the excitement to our children as they grow.

Cheers, friends! May your Hobbit Day be full of merriment. If not a feast, then maybe find time for the quintessential seven meals that you deserve.


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