Poetry for Friends

This week has been a whirlwind. Why do the summer months go so fast? We might never know. Today I thought I’d share with you all a few little poems I’ve written for friends, for different occasions. I am a firm believer that a poem can come out of anything if you want one. And so, for my friends, I sometimes write verses to commemorate small things.

The first example is a poem titled “Dr Pepper Thank-You Note,” which I sent in an email to a coworker after they returned from their lunch break with a fridge-cold Dr Pepper for me.

"Dr Pepper thank you note"

This pop is fizz-city
bang bop whizz, biddie
brown sweet liquid sippy
pepper poppin
sweet tooth stopping
got me feelin like I’m bopping
to a carbonated ditty
it slaps, man.

I was doing a daily poem challenge at the time, so I was delighted that the soda inspired this experiment with sound and rhythm. My friend thought it was fun as well.

The second poem is one I wrote for a friend when she was out of town. We were roommates at the time, so I wrote this note and put it on her favorite plant- a beautiful indoor tree that was in front of her bedroom window. The title, in all-caps, made me giggle. Here’s the poem:


It is lush, bold, beautiful,
growing toward the sun,
brightens up a room, and
has a friendly face…

and is unabashedly standing
naked at an open window.
For heaven’s sake, tree, put
some clothes on or shut
the blinds, and close that door
until you’re decent.

Jordan found the type-written poem on her tree when she returned from wherever it was, and we all had a good laugh. Which is no small thing.

Sometimes as a poet I get a little caught up in the “artistry” of the work. I want to write things that are deep or meaningful or expressive (but only expressive of certain emotions). So I enjoy writing silly little poems for friends to bring them joy, and to give myself a little reminder of why I love writing poetry. Because it’s FUN.

I hope you enjoyed reading these little poems for friends. Maybe you are inspired to write some of your own! I’d love to see them in the comments.


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