My son turns one this week...

My sweet, funny, giggly, stubborn boy turns one this week. I really can’t believe how quickly time has gone. I feel like just yesterday I met him for the first time. I can’t really seem to write any cohesive blog-post type thoughts about it, so I wrote a poem to share. Here it is, a poem commemorating a very special birthday indeed:

      “For Byron”

The summer you were born I moved like molasses. Weeds sprung up in my garden, too wild for me to ever tame again, and I reveled in that urban wilderness. The heat kept me inside. I spent endless hours waiting for you, your kicks, your slow hand across my belly, reminding me that you were mine and we would meet. I could close my eyes and picture you, dream of you. You were born in a flash on a humid night. I cried because I felt so empty without you, rejoiced because my arms could hold you, my hands could feel the softness of your face. Now a year has passed and you are the wild weed I cannot tame. My dream has become a song I sing as you fall asleep. In a flash you have grown, my silly, smiley boy. Your hands and feet learn something every day, I wait for time to slow, I ache for what I’ve lost, I yearn for what’s to come. My wild weed, can you become like molasses? Can I hold you in my arms, feel the softness of your face? Let me sing my song and keep you young, keep you one, for one year more.

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And here is the adorable birthday boy :)



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