For my nephew

My sister is expecting her first child, due to enter the atmosphere in Mid-December. Watching my little sister become a mother is such a joy. I remember when we’d stuff pillows under our shirts and walk about like we were pregnant. It was dress up. It was a game. A far off dream. And now my sister’s dream is coming true. Here is a little poem I wrote about anticipating the arrival of my nephew. 

Expectation (For my nephew)

The room is warm

And curtains sway

In their welcome-dance.

Wind from the open door

Is fresh to breathe and my

Eager lungs drink up 

The waiting. Feet tap 

on the floor, Music plays, 

My heart sways with every 

Thought of you. Oh, what you

Must look like now...

Soul still knee-deep in God,

Stretching your arms in that

Tiny waiting room. 

I remember 

What your mother was like 

When she was pink and new.

I feel that same pin-prickly 

Jealousy, but for many different

Reasons now. I believe I will love you 

More than I love her, but 

Do not believe it will be the same. 

I can neither comprehend

The love she will feel for you.

I see her change. Light touches

Her differently. She knows something 

I do not. I long to understand.

Will there be space for this love?

The door is open, my arms busying 

Themselves in their anticipation,

My eyes adjusting to the new light

As the sun slowly rises through

The threshold. 


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