Rainy Days

It was rainy the other day. The sky got all dark and cloudy. Everything was running with water. You would THINK that on such a day there would be no color- that it would be the picture-perfect gray, dismal, rainy day. But look at all that yellow! Look at all that green! That fire hydrant looks like it is trying to camouflage itself among the colors! No sun to rival them- they're claiming yellow today. I see people like this little field all the time. You would THINK that because of what they're going through, they'd be grumpy, gray, teary. But no. They make me smile, they laugh, surprise me with their wisdom, and when they could absolutely choose to be the same as everything life is throwing at them, they choose instead to be bright. I want to be like that. I don't think you have to always be happy to brighten people's day. You just gotta let your love show through whatever's weighing you down. Clouds just make your you shine brighter. Be like this fire hydrant.


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