Misunderstood Neo-Nazis Fly New Banner: #NotAllNazis

The poetic ring of Twitter's newest trending hashtag is making big waves in social media. #NotAllNazis was created by a group of Neo-Nazis who were "disturbed" at the reception of recent Nazi-Protesters.

"We just feel that the Neo-Nazi movement is getting a bad rap," says Linda Dooweather, an avid white supremacist who helped start the trendy #NotAllNazis. She went on to explain that many of her dearest friends are Neo-Nazis, and would never hurt a fly.

Others like Dooweather worry that the animosity felt toward Neo-Nazis is propagated by a biased media. They are concerned that media outlets cannot fully comprehend the Neo-Nazi philosophy, and therefore are doing it an injustice when covering it. The new hashtag is their way of taking back their social media platforms- setting to rights common misconceptions about what some call a "hate group."

"We don't hate anyone. We just believe that everyone should be white," offered an informant who wishes to remain anonymous.

Most Twitter users remain unconvinced, however, and tweeting over this controversial hashtag has thousands of people involved.

Some have even turned the hashtag around, using it humorously to poke fun at the group:

Many, many sides have joined in the Twitter battle, and it remains a trending hashtag well into its third day on the site.

*this article is satirical. Linda Dooweather is not a real person. Fake tweet image created using tweeterino.com*


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