What you need to know

So much of life is uncertain. The regularity of my posts is enough to cause distrust among anyone who faithfully reads the words I offer here.

But like the date of my next post, life is uncertain. Life is messy. Life is dark and light and grays all mixed up together and stretched out over eons. Some of the most beautiful moments in life are the ones where nothing is certain. Those moments where some impossible obstacle moves into your path and you are forced to realize that you are stronger than you always thought you were.

In those moments where you are forced to examine your worth and your strength, the light from the sky feels just a little brighter. Maybe that's because you need it more. Maybe that's because hope is a strange thing that only really manifests in time of need. Regardless, your heart finds something to cling to in those dark times. You discover confidence you never knew you had, and while it may hurt, you are grateful for the chance to experience this strange new part of yourself that is determined to survive. 

I get overly sentimental about everything in life. Maybe the darkness is just darkness. Maybe whatever aches at your heart is a pointless, dull pain that simply needs to be healed. Maybe that is all there is to it. You move from dark to light to grey to shades in between and that's just what life does. Nothing more.

But I don't believe that. Somewhere in the darkness is where we strive to find a reason to seek out the light. The obstacles that make their way into your heart can either break you or give you a reason to fight. In them you can find proof that your body is strong, that your heart may be soft but it also can love with a blazing intensity. 

Friends, don't let the darkness tell you that there is no greater meaning to your suffering. Don't let hope become a frivolity. Cling to your love. Cling to God. Let yourself be reminded of why this life is so difficult, but so so worth it. Pain can be a ceaseless wave. I have felt it. I feel it so deeply sometimes. But love is deeper. God is stronger. Your heart was made to withstand much more than you've ever believed is possible. Do not forget your fearlessness. Do not forget your hope.


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