The First Day of Christmas

Sometimes the hustle and bustle of the Christmas season makes the world feel like a snow globe being shaken by an enthusiastic child. The world is so busy and the wind is cold and life moves fast, fast fast, because there is just too much to be done and life feels a bit like holding your head above high water.

Right now, simply take a deep breath. This is what life feels like. It feels like your breath, and you know what? Sometimes it is ok to simply breathe, to simply take up space in a vast universe while the earth shifts below countless stars.

Sometimes you spend a day on your feet, accomplishing hundreds of small and insignificant tasks, and when you finally make it to your bed, it all seems pointless, like all you do every day is breathe and eat and sleep, repeat.

But you exist for a reason. Your breath, your life, the simplicity of your existence has a reason, and that reason is love and courage and grace and peace all wrapped into one beating heart. A gift to the whole world that reminds us of a love so great, it was worth dying for. A purpose so simple and yet so profound, that sometimes we forget to grab hold of the simple fact that God loves us.

God sent Jesus Christ to the world two thousand years ago. He was born before any of us were conceived. Jesus was born before you took your first breath.

And he was born for you. Born for you before you could give Him anything in return. God's love is so vast and so pure that thousands of years ago, He decided you were worth it. He decided the whole world was worth it.  And all living people on this earth today are recipients of the gift of His love, whether or not they will come to know and accept it.

This Christmas, I am dwelling on the simplicity of this gift. One gift for the whole world, without expectation, without obligation. Love incarnate. A tiny baby. Breathing our air, and inviting us to do the same.

In freedom, in jubilation, in love, we can breathe the same air our God has breathed. It's as simple as that. And though life is hectic, and things go wrong, people hurt us, or we hurt others, God's gift is still there. It has always been there. Before your first breath, Jesus took his first and last, and now you are free to live in His grace and redemption. You are free to share that love and peace with others.

So take a deep breath. Take a few. And as you enjoy the last few moments of this blessed day, may the peace of God still your heart, and bring you joy.


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